Fire Supression

The safety of your major assets is our top priority. We know what causes fires, how to detect them and how to suppress them in the most effective manner. Our fire suppression systems are designed to stop a fire from spreading.

Protecting everything from high-value equipment and small enclosures to large facilities, you can put your trust in us. Preventing the fire from spreading mitigates losses and allows time for emergency personnel to respond.

While sprinkler systems are the most common type of fire suppression system, some applications require special hazard fire suppression systems that do not use water.

Direct Release Systems
The suppressant will come through the hole in the tube directly, recommended for electrical panel and server rack protection

Indirect Release Systems
The tube acts as a detection device and, through the pressure change, tells the system to discharge the agent through other pipes and nozzles

High Pressure CO2 Systems
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colourless, odourless, electrically non-conductive gas that is highly effective at suppressing a wide variety of fires. In areas with no building personnel like engine rooms, power stations, and around large industrial machines, CO2 fire suppression systems are the most effective fire protection system.

Engineered Clean Agent Systems
Protect electronic equipment by suppressing fire without compromising the equipment or disrupting operations. Unlike most suppressing agents, clean agents do not require cleanup after discharge. They also present no harm to those who are exposed.

Suppression Chemicals
We offer a range of different agents for use with our fire suppression system hardware, including Carbon Dioxide (CO2), ABC Dry Chemical, Purple K (BC Dry Chemical), Novec 1230, FM-200.

Whether it’s a small enclosure or a large facility, if there is a potential risk of fire, we can custom build a suppression system to protect your critical machinery and valuable assets.

  • Manufacturing & Machining
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Data & Computing
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Laboratory
  • Industrial
  • Energy, such as wind turbine

We supply and install reliable, cost-effective, automatic fire detection and suppression systems for virtually any micro-environment, or small, enclosed space.

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